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How CCSECU is different from a bank

Champaign County Schools Employees Credit Union        Mission Statement
The Champaign County Schools Employees’ Credit Union (CCSECU)is a not for profit, member owned financial institution whose purpose is to provide its membership a full range of quality financial services at competitive rates. We are committed to member service in a friendly atmosphere, long term financial stability, promotion of thrift, and involvement in our community. 

Credit unions are not-for-profit financial cooperatives, owned and governed by their members. We operate under the people helping people philosophy of "Not for profit, not for charity, but for service." Our profits are returned to our members in the form of competitive loan rates and savings dividends. Our board of directors is elected by our members, for service to our members. Your use of the investment and loan products offered by your credit union allows us to expand all our members' financial opportunities. We are "like" a bank in that we offer financial services, are federally insured, and have our fiscal health and business practices monitored by government regulatory agencies. But as the previous paragraph indicates, we're different in important ways. We are totally devoted to service to our member owners, the promotion of thrift, and our community. At Champaign County Schools Employees Credit Union, we like to think these differences make us better than a bank.

Why Your Money is Safe at CCSECU

With so many changes in the financial industry today, choosing a safe place for your money can be tough. As a member and an owner of The Champaign County Schools Employees’ Credit Union, you should know that CCSECU is your best choice for financial security.

Federal Protection
The National Credit Union Administration NCUA is an independent agency of the United States Government. The NCUA regulates and charters the nation's federal credit unions, and insures both federal credit unions and state chartered credit unions, including CCSECU. Each credit union account is insured by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund NCUSIF, an arm of the NCUA, up to $250,000. It is a fact that not one penny of insured savings has ever been lost by a member of a federally insured credit union.

NOTICE OF CHANGES IN TEMPORARY NCUA INSURANCE COVERAGE FOR TRANSACTION ACCOUNTS All funds in a "noninterest-bearing transaction account" are insured in full by the National Credit Union Administration through December 31, 2012. This temporary unlimited coverage is in addition to and seperate from the coverage of at least $250,000 available to members under the NCUA's general share insurance rules.    The term "noninterest-bearing transaction account" includes a traditional share account (or on demand deposit account) on which the insured credit union pays no interest or dividend. It does not include ant transaction account that may earn interest or dividends, a negotiable order of withdrawal ("NOW") account, money-market deposit account and Interest on Lawyers Trust Account ("IOLTA") even if share drafts may be drawn on the account. For more information about temporary NCUA insurance coverage of transaction accounts visit:

Products & Services:

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