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Car, Truck, Motorcycle, Boat, and Other Secured Loans
At Champaign County Schools Employees' Credit Union, you can be sure you're not paying too much on the financing for your next vehicle. When you finance your vehicle purchase, you're really purchasing two items: the vehicle itself and the financing. At your credit union, our loans are designed work to your advantage. We always use simple interest loans, so you will never pay an interest penalty on your loan should you sell or trade your car before the end of the original term of the loan. In many cases, we can even match bona fide rates from other financial institutions should you find a lower rate elsewhere.*

Personal (signature) Loans
The Champaign County Schools Employees' Credit Union personal loan allows you the convenience and flexibility of a credit line with no collateral required. You can use the proceeds of your loan any way you like: to pay off other high-interest debt, a well-deserved vacation, that new gaming system you've had your eye on, home remodeling—whatever your heart desires! You are assured of the favorable terms, great rates, and personal service you've come to expect from Champaign County Schools Employees' Credit Union

Emergency Loans
Borrow up to $500 for unexpected expenses. You may take up to six months to repay the loan. Call us for more details.
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*Restrictions apply. Call for details.
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